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2019 Corn Maze Game

  • The maze is set up with an entrance and an exit.  The objective is to enter the maze and find your way to the exit. Pretty simple right...


Within the maze there is a challenging game if you are brave enough to try it:​

  • There are six unique stations within the maze to find.  These are painted different colors and hidden in dead ends, spirals, etc.  You have to look hard for them, but they are on the paths and not within the corn.

  • On each of these stations has a QR code that looks like the one on the bottom of the page.

  • Scan these codes to find the answers to the question "What products has Treat Farm produced over the years?"  Don't sweat it if you can't scan the codes, just take a selfie at each station instead.

  • Once you have located all 6 stations, find your way out and report the answers to the farm stand. 

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