A note about tagging of
Christmas trees

Not ready to take your tree home just yet? Feel free to stop by and tag a tree, which will "hold" it for you until you are ready to cut it down and take it home. All tagged trees must be cut by Sunday, December 15th, unless other arrangements are made.



A few odds & ends
• For safety reasons, we cannot allow power saws of any kind. We have a number of handsaws available for your use.

• We will be happy to trim stray branches and bale your tree if you would like us to. We are not responsible for transporting or tying your tree to your vehicle. We have twine available for securing your tree, but strongly suggest that you bring whatever items you might need to properly secure your tree.

• Pets are only permitted at the farm during the Christmas Season and must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Pets are not permitted in any indoor sales areas or in the corn maze.

• We do not have public restrooms at the farm, so please plan accordingly.

• We accept cash and local checks only; no credit cards.

Christmas at the Farm

We have been growing Christmas trees exclusively for the choose and cut market for over 30 years.  This year we open for the Holiday season on  November 23rd, offering the freshest spruces, firs and festive decorations.  The farm is open Saturday and Sundays from 9-5.


361 Old Tavern Road

Orange, CT 06477


Closed for the Fall season

Reopening for the holiday season on Friday

November 27th




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